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:: RomCom Stilness ::

A Romantic Comedy Icontest <3

♥ A Romantic Comedy Icontest ♥
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Hello and welcome to romcom_stilness, which is, you guessed it an icontest devoted to the romantic comedy. Just to clarify, we aren't dyslexic, but there wasn't enough characters to make romcom_stilLness, so one "l" will suffice. =D

We're your friendly neighbourhood mods haliaka and waka_laka, any problems, questions, complaints, hatemail, etc, dont hesitate to contact us, we'll be only too happy to help/get a restraining order :) Any blank cheques you happen to have to would also be greatly appreciated.

Layout made by haliaka. But waka_laka helped with the colours and stuff, cause Harriet sucked at that =P

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  • Obviously your icons must contain no animation, kind of a given in the community title :P

  • You have to be a member to enter an icon. Anyone can join, it just takes one click. :D

  • All icons must fit LJ standards, that is 100 x 100 or less, 40K or less, etc.

  • Other than animation, any other effect is allowed. The prettier, the better.

  • Your icons must be freshly made for the contests and they must remain anonymous throughout the competitions. No posting them on your journal, using them as usericons or on other websites, no no no. =D

  • If you wish to use an icon used in the competition, obtain permission from the maker. It's rude to steal.

  • Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    All icons are submitted as a screened comment to the post in which the challenge was set. Entries should look like this-

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Post your icon and it's URL. We don't ask for silly stuff like "banner" cause that's just ridiculous =D Of course you want a banner, looks good on your user info, plus free promotion for us :) Photobucket is a good place for storing images remotely.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Challenges will be set on the Monday. Bearing in mind we both live in the UK, you'll have to get used to the different time zones of whatever. Ours is GMT, doesn't that rock!
    You'll have until Friday to make and submit your icon. On the Friday we'll close the challenge and put up the voting which will go on until Sunday when the winners will be announced. Ooooh, you're salivating with excitement already aren't you?
  • You don't have to be a member to vote, but no anonymous voting please.

  • Obviously, don't vote for yourself, we will be able to tell if you have.

  • Don't tell your friends to vote for you, if you win, you'll want it be because your icon was the best, not because you have the most friends :P

  • When voting, put the numbers of your three favourite icons in a comment, that will be screened. ORDER IS UNIMPORTANT basically because we're lazy and that makes it easier for us :D

  • There will be awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, plus the prestiged Mod's choice, unsurprisingly, chosen by us.

    A F F I L I A T E S
    [Bad username: maxnliz_stillness]

    Wanna be one? Let us know!