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First A HUGE apology to all of you guys. I know we are the worst mod's in the history of forever. Me and waka_laka were both dragged off for a week to oversee 40 young girls run riot through the new forest, and then the arduous tasks of unwanted overtime at work, and personal statements has really taken its toll on us. But I'm happy to say the voting post is finally here

Firstly may I congratulate all of you who entered. The standard of entry for this challenge was excellant. Thank you. I think you guys may have trouble choosing just three icons ^ _ ^

Ok so you all know the drill. Vote for your top THREE icons in no partuclar order. Don't vote for yourself/get others to vote for you. Voting period will end Sunday 4th September.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Thank you again guys. I will do my best to get any outstanding banners to you tomrrow.

EDIT:Sorry, comments are screened now ^ _ ^
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