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Challenge 7, is it we're on now?

Well, as Harriet's on holiday in Australlia, I guess it's up to me to single handedly run the next challenge. And as I've completely run out of ideas for films, I think we should start doing themes.

The challenge is Silence. This can be interpreted in several ways; the icon can be textless, feature someone being quiet (although how you can do that...) or some word that would reflect this theme, like 'quiet'. However, the word DOES have to be related to the icon somewhat, so icons like this-

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- however amusing, will NOT be accepted. Ok?

If you're like me, and too lazy to look for screencaps, you can use ones from previous challenges, or go here for a load. Just as long as the cap you use has an element of romance or comedy in it.

Please enter your icons like this-

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ryan Atwood, the O.C (i.e. image, URL, and character/film they are from.)

The challenge will end on Friday, July 29th so get those entries in. See if we can shock Harriet with the excellent turn out for this week's challenge. And how is everyone's summer going, coincidentally?
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