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Let us take a moment.

Yes. Let us take a quiet moment now, to reflect in how awful me and Harriet are. It's been a month, and we forgot to post the winners! I know Harriet will whinge and say how it was my turn to post the winners, but she could have just as easily done them. So we're very, very sorry, and we deserve many beatings.

But now that the remorse and redemption bit is over, onto the winners! Which is all you really care about. I bet none of you even read that, you just clicked the cut. Beh.

First Place
In first place is lionessvalenti for her icon featuring Mouse!Karen. Hurray! Here is a crappy banner for you!

Second Place
In second place, also, is lionessvalenti for this very creative and resourceful icon! Have another crappy banner!

Third Place
In third place is moviesurfer, a RomCom regular, for yet another Mouse!Karen icon. Mouse!Karen must be pretty popular in the icon world.

Mod's Choice
How could I resist giving Mod's Choice to this icon from rideinthelimo, which features the best line in the entire film! And the phone is talking as well! Brilliant.

Special Challenge
Well, moviesurfer's two icons beat springhazsprungs, so I made moviesurfer a very hurried, and consequently crappy, banner. Spring doesn't get one, I'll buy her a cookie or something. But yay!

Seeing as Harriet is currently off watching my Chobits DVD, I guess I'll go ahead and post the next challenge, and she'll post the special when she's finished. Gomen again, though.
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