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Special Challenge 6- Mean Girls

Yeah, I know, Mean Girls isn't exactly the regular romcom we're supposed to be iconning in this community. But the way I see it is, there's romance in it, and there's comedy in it, so who's to say what's what? Who's to define what we can and can't have here? All people are one and the same, just don't ask me to sleep with you.

No, wait, that's from something else. Anyway. Challenge this week is two things combined, because two people gave me different suggestions and I like them both.

The two themes this week are rivalry and pink. I was stuck for an idea, and so asked springhazsprung (over the wonder that is MSN) for help, and she suggested rivalry, which I thought was good, cause there is a lot of rivalry in Mean Girls. And it's also fun to make icons on rivalry. But then haliaka (also over MSN) suggested pink, which also fitted perfectly, and I couldn't decide.

SO. You can make two icons. They can be of totally unrelated to Mean Girls things. They can either be-

a) one icon to do with rivalry and one to do with pink
b) both featuring pink rivalry.

You CANNOT do two icons about rivalry, and two icons about pinkness. If anyone does that, cats will eat your face, OK? Your two icons are in for Friday 17th June, and not Monday like silly Harriet said.

Have fun! Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
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